Customers can pay using various methods:

  • With domestic ATM cards: Applies to domestic ATM cards from all banks.

  • With International credit cards: Supports payment with Visa debit, credit cards, and more.

  • Bank transfer: Customers should notify Changmi (via phone, email, SMS, etc.) once the transfer has been made. Alternatively, contact our online sales department directly at 0903 355 963. Upon receiving confirmation from the bank, Changmi will notify the customer and proceed with the delivery.

  • Bank account details:

    • Account holder name: Trịnh Thị Phương Trang
    • Account number: 19032815021010 – Techcombank Tan Cang Branch
  • Cash payment: Available at the shop or through the delivery service.

Changmi is not responsible for errors during the transfer process or incorrect transfer details. Customers must work directly with the bank to resolve such errors.