5-Star Hotel Artificial Down Microfiber Topper


The comfort topper makes the mattress as soft as a cloud. It is very suitable for families and luxury hotels

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Product details
What is a microfiber comfort topper? A microfiber comfort topper is a type of bedding accessory placed on top of the mattress to provide extra comfort and convenience. What are the benefits of a microfiber topper? Softness and comfort Microfiber is a soft and smooth fabric, creating a comfortable feel for the sleeper. The microfiber topper helps create a softer surface layer, reducing pressure and providing comfort when you lie on the bed. Protecting the mattress The microfiber topper can protect the mattress from dirt, sweat, liquids, and other harmful elements. It creates a protective barrier between the sleeper and the mattress, extending the mattress's lifespan and maintaining cleanliness. Moisture-wicking capability Microfiber has better moisture-wicking capabilities than other materials. The microfiber topper can absorb moisture and evaporate it quickly, helping to regulate the bed's temperature and humidity, keeping you dry and comfortable. Adding extra cushioning The microfiber topper can provide an additional soft cushioning layer between the sleeper and the mattress. This is particularly useful if your mattress is too firm or does not offer enough comfort. Easy to clean
  • Dry clean to minimize the loss of microfiber during washing.
  • Dry in natural sunlight to prevent mold and odors.
  • Easily foldable to save space when not in use.
Microfiber topper maintenance instructions Wash according to instructions: The microfiber topper is usually easy to clean. Dry cleaning is recommended to prevent the loss of microfiber fibers during washing, as they are very fine and soft. Avoid using strong detergents: Avoid using strong detergents or bleach-containing detergents. A mild detergent without strong chemicals is the best choice to protect the microfiber material and maintain its color and softness. Do not use fabric softeners: Do not use fabric softeners when washing the microfiber topper. Fabric softeners can reduce the moisture-wicking capability of microfiber and remove some of its beneficial properties. Minimize drying: It is usually best to hang the microfiber topper to dry naturally or tumble dry on a low heat setting. High heat drying can shrink and distort the microfiber material. Store in a dry environment: When not in use, store the microfiber topper in a dry and cool place to prevent mold and odors. Ensure the topper is completely dry before storing. You can purchase it on Changmi's website or Shopee. store.
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